EasyNet is a .NET Windows application for anybody who needs to plug a computer on more than one network. EasyNet makes this process extremely easy by letting change the whole pc network configuration with just a click. EasyNet is for sure the simplest to use network switcher application available today on the market. You’ll never again find yourself fiddling into the several GUIs windows for changing your computer network configuration every time you plug it onto a different network (Home or Office, for instance..)! EasyNet makes it just a simple click operation to save the current network configuration and after that again a simple click will be enough to reload the correct network configuration!


EasyEQ is a graphical java application that lets you study mathematical equations. It’s possible to type in a mathematical equation and it will be graphically rapresented in a x/y diagram.

The base version is freely available here, so download and give it to your friends and/or mates.


DynWeb is a software package aimed to people who desire to manage the content of their web site without having to afford a solution based on a database and middleware. The principle is that determined parts of a web page would be
editable. What parts are editable is determined by the web-designer.


NunniChat is an instant messenger application (in the style of ICQ, Yahoo!Messenger, AOL, etc…) client/server and peer to peer. At present it’s still in beta status, but it’s already stable and well usable. The estetics has not been taken into account yet, but as the functional part is behaving well, we expect that soon we’ll take care of estetics, too.

The client is freely available, so download and give it to your friends and/or

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