Installation of information systems

In today hard market, the management and elaboration of data in a safe and efficient manner is of crucial importance for any modern business to be competitive. Thus, it’s of primary importance to have an information system that let you work in an efficient, productive and safe manner.

We’re there to help you. We offer our long experience to evaluate, propose, deliver, install and administer the information system tailored for any small or medium sized business.

We install e administer systems often very different one from the other.. from the single personal computer till large computer network connected to the internet with the due security requirements:

  • Soluzions Microsoft, Unix (Sun, Linux, FreeBSD, etc..) o eterogeneous
  • Single computer (workstation)
  • High Performance Computing Cluster (based on CPU/GCPU)
  • Workstation connected to a local network
  • Workstation part of a domin
  • Printers
  • Firewall, Router, Switch
  • Other network devices
  • Server (users and/or applications management)
  • Web Server
  • DNS Server
  • Mail Server
  • NIS/LDAP Server
  • Database
  • License Server
  • Monitoring system for the whole IT infrastructure (HW/SW) and authomatic notifications of trouble
  • Etc..

Call us. We are here for you and will be glad to answer your questions.


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